To: Mike Brooks

CC: Editor

Dear Mike,

RE: Correction: Police called in amid chaos as Labour selects Lutfur Rahman’s election candidate for Poplar & Limehouse ( )

I have noticed that you have mentioned me, in the Poplar and Limehouse selections story, which you published yesterday. However, you have not afforded me the right to reply, as I am the only Labour Councillor named. Given that you know the background to the filing and technical errors by Momentum vis a vis the Electoral Commission, which I have communicated to you previously (see the email of 8 Mar 2019), and published here: ( 

As it stands your current article, misrepresents the facts, if it does not include my response at the time, which you have clearly published previously. I am concerned that you are singlehandedly mentioned me as the only named supporter, of Apsana Begum when there are two other councillors.  I would kindly ask you a correction to your story, to mention my statement at the time, on your article on the Electoral Commission Fine of Momentum.

With Regards,

Cllr Puru Miah

Mile End